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Meet Steph

As we get to know one another, I know I’ll ask you a hundred questions, so I’d like to share a little about myself too. 

My journey was born out of a little dream and a strong desire to create. As a teen, I always toyed with the notion of becoming photographer and artist, but I took another road through life, earning a B.S. in Agriculture and M.A. in Communication but always going back to photography courses here and there as I earned my degrees. I bought my first film camera for a basic photography course. One night when my instructor was reviewing a project I had completed. She asked “Steph, what are you studying again?” I told her I was in the agriculture program and that I was just taking the class for fun. She told me I was in the wrong field and needed to study photography. I smiled and said, “You never know.” God’s journey for me has brought along many surprises. So here I am now, meeting awesome people like you who let me capture a little part of your lives. You can most often find me dancing in the living room with my kiddos, embracing the chaos toddlers, drinking coffee, and adding more turquoise colored items to my life. I am a big fan of taking the scenic route when driving (if my babes are patient enough for it) and talking one-on-one over coffee or a beer. Life can be a little crazy, but I’m thankful for all of it.


A few fun things about me:

  • I’m a farmer’s wife to my love, Steven. We have two babes, Violet and Oliver.
  • Coffee is a fav. I’ve worked at two hometown coffee shops, which is where my affections began to grow. Good conversation over coffee makes the world a better place. I love talking with people about their lives and hearing their stories, we all have unique experiences that make us who we are. This is exactly why I love photography – it gives me the ability to capture and share your stories.
  • Homemade mac-n-cheese is a staple. And pretty much anything potato…
  • I love antique furniture. Back in the day when I had more time and no kiddos, I enjoyed refinishing wood furniture. My favorite piece by far was my Grandma Opal’s hope chest.
  • I love road trips. Flying and all is great, but the joy of the road and exploring small towns and mountains makes my heart happy.
  • I’ve recently picked up painting with watercolors. I find that it’s a good way to wind down.
  • As much as I love photographing people in the warmth of the sunshine, I love experimenting with night photography. I most often am found out photographing Steven in the late nights of harvest.

So there’s a little about me. I can’t wait to get to know you and share in your story!

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