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Shirley – Portrait Session | Peoria, Illinois

The best way to start any session is over coffee, right? Shirley and I started our evening for a few photos over coffee at Zion.  She mentioned a couple of times that she loves coffee and loved the idea of having a few pictures of her drinking it!  A goal of the evening was to get a couple more professional head shots for work and then have fun with the rest. And we did have fun… I mean, we broke out a tutu that she looked gorgeous in!!

While we were shooting in between drinks of delicious coffee, Shirley pulled out the rest of the clothes she brought for the session. She showed me the light denim skirt from GAP and I fell in love with it! I don’t know if I could ever pull it off as well as she did, but it’s so cute! And it has pockets! Pockets in dresses and skirts make my world go round…. writes the girl who finds herself in yoga pants most of the time.  Come to think of it, my yoga pants need pockets too… Anyway.  Hello tangent.  Back on topic. She paired all of her outfits so well and brought the cutest jewelry to add a little pop.  Once we left Zion, we ended up just walking down the block embracing and loving the beautiful architectural features of the old buildings, worn and weathered as they were.  Then, the ivy wall happened. With a tutu.  Keep scrolling to see the best twirling sequence ever.  And then I made her twirl again in the middle of a brick road.  Let me tell you, it was worth the stares and possible cars coming towards us.

Shirley is the sweetest.  I’ve only been around her in person twice now and talking to her is like chatting with one of my sisters.  We ended up just standing by my car talking for another 20 minutes after we wrapped up bouncing ideas off of one another for one of my projects.  The only reason I left is because I dropped off Steven at Bass Pro two hours earlier and I was nervous what kind of damage he may have done to our checking account (For those of you who are curious, he only spent $7 above his gift card. I was so proud!)

With that, keep scrolling down to see some of the photos from her session!  Show her some extra love and let her know how dang cute she is!!




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