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Mr. & Mrs. Harder – The Best Day Ever. | Peoria, Illinois/Princeville, Illinois

Liz and Ben are amazing. I honestly don’t know what words I can properly string together to describe their day and do it justice, but I’ll try.  Let’s set the stage. We started the day at Liz’s family home. The ladies got ready inside, and by the way, Liz had the best group of friends surrounding her.  The guys hung around outside playing bocci ball and keeping Liz and Ben’s pup busy.  After hair and make-up were complete, we dismissed the bridesmaids away so Liz could put on her gorgeous, and I do mean the most gorgeous dress.  Liz is the only daughter in her family, she has three brother’s, so I know that that made her day even more special for her family.  Her mom held back tears, happy tears of course, as she helped Liz put on her dress.  They have so much joy and love in their relationship.  The dress went on and the happiest of all tears came.  Liz hid to do a reveal with her bridesmaids and she received such a joyful reaction, they were all in awe of her.

Liz and Ben chose to have a first look and met in front of the corn crib on the farm.  They couldn’t. stop. smiling.  We moved on to family and bridal party photos, fighting the wind the entire time.  You’ll see a fun one of Liz’s brother attempting to help with the veil further down.  On the way to the ceremony, the bridal party stopped at “the park,” which is a beautiful piece of timber property that belongs to Liz’s family. I was told it was one of her Grandpa’s favorite places.  As we lined up outside of the party bus, the wind had calmed for the photos.  I mentioned that to Liz’s mom later on in the day and she just smiled referencing that it was Grandpa’s doing.

Liz and Ben were married with a beautiful ceremony at Liz’s grandparent’s church in Princeville.  They’re grand exit welcomed them with loved ones cheering and tossing corn (yes CORN, coolest thing ever!!), high in the air!  Liz may or may not have been shaking corn out of her hair, dress, and flowers for a bit after that, but it was well worth it.  They made their way to the reception, which included the best Dad’s speech I’ve heard and a lot of friend and family that really know how to dance! It was such a beautiful day, I’m thankful they asked us to be there to help them celebrate and remember it all.


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