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Love Yourself Valentine’s Day Event with Steph Zimmerman Photography and Wild Roots Salon

When Jawni and I started collaborating together last year, we had some big ideas.  Well, here’s one that is coming to life presented right to you! We’re so excited to be working together and to host the Love Yourself Valentine’s Day Event at Jawni’s salon, Wild Roots, in Colchester.  We’ve planned the day and it will be such an experience for those who join us.  Keep reading for more information, there’s also a Welcome Letter with information linked a little further down.

In short, we’re inviting you and your friends to come to have your hair and make-up done by the stylists at Wild Roots Salon, have some beautiful portraits taken by me, learn some new things at a hand writing workshop, and  enjoy a couple pop-up shops from small businesses from Central Illinois.

The long version is, well, hoping to make you run to us to book for the experience.  We’d love for you to come a little early for your appointment so you can have a look around at what our pop-up shop vendors have to offer, but more on that in a moment.   Jawni and the stylists at Wild Roots Salon will be there style your hair and do your make-up, carefully curating your look for the day.  Hair and make-up will take up to an hour from start to finish.  Then we’ll guide you to the pop-up boutique with Rural Bliss to check out the clothes they have to offer. You can borrow an outfit for your portrait and buy everything your heart desires. If your heart leads elsewhere, you can bring your own clothes that you already love to wear for your portraits too.  In fact, we encourage you to bring a few outfits that you know and already love as well.

Then you’ll come to me for portraits.  I know, I know. Not everyone loves being in front of the camera. I’m guilty of it too.  But believe me, from a daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend, and mama talking right to you, there are a whole lot of people who want your pictures who love you oh so much just the exact way you are here and now.  So come to me, let me work with you and your beautiful self, and we’ll create portraits for you. Yes, YOU! For you, your family, your friends, and the future generations to come. It may sound dramatic, but I’m not kidding you.  Think about looking through photos of your grandma, do you have many like that? I have one image vividly stuck in my mind of my Grandma Opal.  For one, she could have been a super model. But in this little picture, she was in Chicago, leaning on a park bench, dressed in a beautiful long coat looking longingly into the distance. I think it was from during WWII when my grandpa was away.  She was so beautiful and it made me feel a little more connected to her since we were probably around the same age.   It helps to tell her story of a time when I didn’t know her.  I treasure photos from the past and of my own for this very reason. They tell your story of the here and now along with telling your history to your family in the future.  So, let me take your portrait, I promise you won’t regret it.   You will receive 3 digital images with a print release.  You can also purchase prints the day of the event, (I’ll give you a little unedited preview if you’re interested in purchasing prints) and if ordered and paid for the day of,  you’ll have them in time for Valentine’s day!

What some people seem most excited about is the hand writing workshop with my awesome sister, Katie.  Katie is talented in many ways, one of them being in the arts.  Katie is a firm believer that your handwriting is so important and should be embraced in all ways.  I agree with her, I can personally say that I love looking back at cards from my grandma and seeing her handwriting.  Its makes me happy to think of her.  So, Katie will be with us to encourage you to love your handwriting and teach you a few new tricks along the way.   Katie works on personal projects that she shares on her Instagram if you’d like to see some of her work.  She has prepared workbooks for you to learn from and practice in and she will also have lovely paper and cards for you to create prints with in your handwriting to take home with you that day.

Kayla with Kayla Phillips Design will also be there with a pop up shop sharing and selling her prints and cards she has personally designed.  She’s a wonderful person who is so talented. Run to her for all of your graphic design needs.

We’ll have drinks and snacks for you throughout the day.  As a little bonus, we’ll also be treating all of our guests to a little swag bag full of gifts, special offers and a Macomb Chamber of Commerce gift certificate (we’re really hoping that you use it on dinner!!). We also want to strongly encourage our guests to make dinner reservations in Macomb with the friends that come with them. Don’t let the fun end with us, go out and celebrate you and your awesome people. You deserve it!

So, have I peaked your interest? I sure hope so. If I wasn’t hosting, you sure bet I’d be there!  If you’re interested and available February 4th to come hang out with us, check out our welcome packet for all the glorious information – LoveYourselfDayEventWelcome.   We only have a limited number of spots, so book today!!

If you have any questions at all, give me a shout! I’d love to chat with you – 309.238.3620 or




Also, the beautiful lady in the promo material is Paige; she’s gorgeous and so sweet!  Below are a few images that we took for advertising, but I’d love for you to see a little peek into what your portraits would be like.

So, we’d love for you to come spend the day with us and your friends!


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