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Harvest 2016 – Part 1 | Sparland, Illinois

Fall is the best, I love just about everything about it.  One of my favorite thing about this time of year is harvest.  Harvest may also be my least favorite because it steals my husband from me for weeks, but I digress.  In taking true advantage of the hubs living in a tractor or semi hauling grain from the field, I took a weekend with the kids to go to my hometown.  It was a beautiful weekend and we took full advantage of it by wandering my parents farm while dad worked on combining corn.  Here are some gems to share.

*Side note to those living the farm life who may be interested – I LOVE farm/agricultural photography. I enjoy taking a lifestyle approach to capturing the everyday of our hard working farmers.  If you’re interested in having me follow you around for the day, give me a shout and I’ll head over with a camera!  Stop now if you’re not into excessive sappy… These are the pictures I treasure.  I look at the pictures of my dad with my kids and it fills me with overwhelming joy. These are the great moments.  Nights like these have made some of my favorite memories on the farm, I’m so happy to have my kiddos riding with their Pops in the combine. The end. But seriously, get out your cameras and take pictures of your family or call me to do it for you!




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