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Oliver – Newborn | Colchester, IL

Meet Oliver!  Our little love came into the world March 14th, we’re so smitten.  Big sis, Violet, is getting used to him and absolutely loves to give him kisses.  We’re just so happy he’s healthy and finally here!

This little guy had two newborn sessions (we had to wait for dad to be home for part of them) and he was great for both!   For the first session, the adorable striped hat with the green “O” was lovingly made by his crafty aunt, Katie.  The 2nd we used Steven’s fire gear.  Steven is a volunteer firefighter on the Colchester Fire Protection District and just so happened to get new fire gear.  When we did Violet’s newborn pictures, I remember asking him if he wanted any of her with his gear.  He said it would be nice, but refused because he didn’t want a newborn to be in used gear, breathing in whatever leftover residue s there may be in the fabric.  I had honestly never thought of that.  Well, lucky for us, Steven received new gear just a couple of weeks before Oliver was born.  So, here we are with some sweet pictures with dad.  We even got Violet in a few at the end.

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