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Violet – 1 year | Colchester, Illinois

Our sweet Violet turned 1 year old in December. How that year went by so fast, I have no clue.  And yes, these pictures are from one of those awesome warm days in December, I’ve just been slow in posting about her session. Who knew a December baby would be able to have their pictures taken outside? We spent about 20 minutes walking around Lake Argyle and she was a champ.

Well, Violet’s stolen our hearts and many hours of missed sleep, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  To sum up her year, we’ve learned a lot as parents, she’s changing and learning new things constantly, and its all been a great adventure so far.  Her first words were “dada” and “woof” for our dog Zeke (she has yet to consistently call me mom or mama, so I know who the favorites are). She is the BIGGEST fan of Zeke and he is the most patient dog I have ever met, thankfully.  She climbs on him, pokes at him, gives him hugs and kisses constantly, and more recently has tried to play dress up by putting bracelets on him.  He just lays there and takes it all, which she finds quite humorous.   She’s walking as if she never knew any other way of being mobile, but uneven ground still gets her.  She loves animals, especially woof’s (dogs) and moo’s (cows).  Being outside makes her so happy, so we’re thankful for this gorgeous weather that we’ve been having and have been going on walks and exploring outside our new home.  I could go on and on about this kiddo that we adore so much. So in short, we love her with everything we have and are amazed by what she’s learning as she grows.

So what’s next for the life of Violet?  Well, she’s about to become a big sister.  Little brother will be here any day now, so we’re off to even bigger adventures as a family of 4.   We’ll introduce him to the world soon.  We’re just soaking it all in and are so thankful for our little family that God has blessed us with.


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