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Mr. & Mrs. Garr – Married | Carthage, Illinois

Elizabeth and Drew are the sweetest couple. Possibly ever.  Their entire day was filled with so much joy.  Elizabeth got ready in the barrel room at Lake Hill Winery with her sister, future sisters-in-law, friends, and some close family members.  Elizabeth was a lucky bride in so many ways, but when it came to getting ready for her big day, her sister-in-law just so happens to be a very talented hair and make-up artist.  I think it made the start of the day so much better to just be with the ones that she loves.

After the bride and groom were ready to go, they had their first look in the gorgeous vineyard.  It was quite possibly one of the best “first look” reactions I’ve ever seen from a groom.  Drew’s face was just priceless. He teared up. She teared up. I teared up. You follow… He was so blown away by his gorgeous bride in front of him. He was speechless.  Neither one could stop smiling.  I mean, they were about to marry the love of their life, what’s there not to smile about?  The rest of the day got better and better. I loved their vows to one another, yet another time they made me tear up. We had plenty of photos with family and friends and celebrated the rest of the night.  Congrats to this lovely Mr. and Mrs.!

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