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Mr. & Mrs. Tharp – Married | Little York, Illinois

What a beautiful day for two beautiful souls.  There was not one thing not to love about Thad and Holly’s wedding. They were married on Holly’s family farm which seemed to be one of those places I drool over in magazines or on Pinterest.  They put so much work into the details of the wedding. It was amazing.

As we spoke with Holly’s dad about the ceremony setting, he mentioned that it was actually kind of fun going around to flea markets to find the decorations and chairs.  Thad and Holly (with the help from their family and friends) lined the rows of seating for the ceremony with mis-matched antique chairs and hay bails covered in beautiful antique quilts.  The isle was lined with large bunches of baby’s breathe in blue ball jars. After the ceremony, their cocktail hour was held just outside the house complete with lawn games, beer gifted from Holly’s cousins’ brewery, and a large crowd of guests enjoying themselves.  The reception followed, being held in one of the sheds on the farm. Rows of tables lined the inside, there were so many in fact they lined the outside as well.  The tables were adorned with gorgeous flowers, each in their one unique “vase” consisting of a mixture of wooden boxes, tin containers, and old jars. The details didn’t end there.  The walls were lined with burlap and lights. They added large old barn doors behind the intimately placed head table.   Several vintage house doors were propped to be the backdrop for their gorgeous cake.  The list could go on.

My favorite part of the was the ceremony.  It was simple and sweet, but had everything that these two needed.  Their pastor had some lovely words to share with Thad, Holly, and their family and friends.  He started with how Thad and Holly approached him on April 9 of this year, sharing with him that they wanted to marry one another. This meeting just so happened to lead to their first marriage counseling. At the meeting, he asked this lovely couple the questions of why they wanted to marry one another.  In this, he shared that one thing Holly stated that she had grown to love and like herself, so she was ready to share her love with someone else.  Thad shared that Holly was the perfect woman for him. There was a beautiful list of reasons on why they wanted to marry one another, I think anyone would be blessed to list 1/10th of what they felt about one another.

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