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Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell – Married | Elmwood, Illinois

Daniel and Kayla had the perfect June day for their beautiful wedding.  They were so excited that their big day had finally arrived! I loved that their wedding party was just as excited as they were.  Their day day went perfectly.  The ceremony was beautiful and they had the sweetest send off from the church in a family member’s Model A.  After the ceremony, the bridal party headed out to an awesome barn to wrap up their pictures and then we headed off to the reception to celebrate!  The evening was filled with laughter, food, cake, and dancing.  When it was time for the maid-of-honor and best man speeches. Kayla’s sister spoke with thoughtful and genuine words written for her sister.  Daniel’s brother genuinely surprised me as he delivered a speech that was not full of jokes and much playful banter, but was filled with blessings for their new marriage and offered kind words of wisdom. Weddings offer an opportunity for everyone to see inside the relationships that the bride and groom have with their family and friends.  Kayla and Daniel were surrounded by so many people who genuinely loved and cared for them.  I know that they will have a wonderful marriage and have so much support and love from their family and friends!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell!  We wish you many happy years together!

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