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The Morris Family – Maternity Session | Colchester, Illinois

Josh and Kristi are a beautiful couple and  have been married for about a year and half.  Josh is a high school science teacher and Kristi works for an OB/GYN. They found out that they are expecting a beautiful baby girl, Paytin Elizabeth, and are due in September.  Josh and Kristi recently received the devastating news that Paytin has been diagnosed with myelomeningocele spina bifida and Edwards Syndrome.  When they contacted me, I cried reading the email as they shared their story with me and I cried even more reading the blog that Josh wrote about their experience so far.  Kristi told me that everyone who reads their blog shares the same experience as I did, especially knowing that it was written by Josh. They wrote the blog to share their experiences and also to allow them to connect with others going through the same thing.  Please take a moment to read their story and say a prayer for them.

After receiving the news, they knew they wanted to do a maternity session sooner rather than later in their pregnancy. After making the plans, we captured this little family at 25 weeks.  Kristi and Josh incorporated some of Paytin’s clothing, toys, and nursery decorations into their session, which was a beautiful choice.  I loved helping them celebrate their beautiful baby girl and this time in their pregnancy.

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