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Niah and Kamara – 4 Year Birthday Session

I can’t believe these two cuties are turning 4 already.  I still refer to them as “the babies,” which they are clearly not.  They are sweet, exuberant girls, each with a heart of gold.  Its so entertaining to watch them interact, they are always watching out for one another.  They love craft projects and drawing, they’ll put on little shows and sing for the family whenever you ask, and they say the funniest things.  I always get a kick out of the adult-like things that they say.  These girls have great imaginations, its seems they are always pretending to be princesses or “mommy and baby” whenever I’m around them.   They’re turning out to be such kind and beautiful little girls, I need to get over the fact that they aren’t babies anymore.

Below are the photos from their 4th Birthday Session.  They were wearing cute little outfits that their grandma got them for Christmas.  We had the girls wear those first, then broke out the ballerina outfits (they were so excited to get those on!).  They kept standing on their tip-toes and would grab for Uncle Steven’s hand to hold so they spin around.  Throughout the session, if I was just photographing one of the girls, the other would sit next to me and help take the pictures.  At one point, I was kneeling down and taking pictures of Niah with Kamara hanging on my back.  She thought it was fun, and Niah was entertained by the whole situation.  I think there’s a picture of that on my phone somewhere now.

There’s a slide show below of a sneak peak from the session, so have a look! If you like what you see, you can subscribe to my blog, like me on Facebook, or follow me on Google+



Above:  Kamara (Left) and Niah (Right)


Above: Kamara


Above: Niah


Above: Niah


Above: Niah (Right) and Kamara (Left)


Above: Kamara


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